Hospitium Power Generation

Eureka, CA old K-mart property...

Each value used in the calculations below were
conservative and rounded down conservatively...

Roof Area = 240'D x 250'W (256'W) K-mart Roof Area...
Sqr. ft. = 60,000 of usable roof space for standard solar panels.
Setback = .75 * 60,000 = 45,000 for setback area required.
/ by 17.5 = 2,571(.43) panels (17.5 average sqr. ft. of a solar panel)
* by .265 = 681(.315)kW (avg. 265W / panel output power x 2,571 panels)
* 1600W = 1,089,600 kW per Year generated by the Sun in Eureka area.
1.9MW *.78 = 1,089,600 kW *.78 electricity for capture losses throughout.
850kW/yr. = 849.888kW per year generated from solar panels, refined.
* $.013/kWh = PG&E average cost for commercial businesses per kWh.
$110,485.44 = per Year Minimum Generated Revenue from Solar Panels...

As I said, Self-Sustainability, Problem Solved...

This does not include the savings encored from
relieved resources to handle the current homeless issue...

Also, this does not include the current incentives to go solar
by the state and PG&E, but it must be done before the incentives dry up...!!!

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Created on February 19, 2018